Talan Proximity Ukraine Credentials

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Transcript Talan Proximity Ukraine Credentials

Viral Business
Business Card
The Challenge
В An Agency created a new
department offering viral and
guerilla marketing services.
The challenge was to raise
awareness of the new service
with prospects that were
unlikely to know how guerilla
marketing works and get on
pitch lists.
Instead of giving out business
cards for newborn viral and
guerilla marketing department
when they were exchanged at
credentials meetings, they
created this low cost, highly
effective business card stamp.
By stamping prospects’
business cards with viral
guerilla marketing department
details, prospects were shown
an effective “contagious”
demonstration of viral
In the last three months the new viral and guerilla
marketing department has been invited to pitch for 14
viral marketing campaigns.
Best practices
Unexpected and clear visual demonstartion of viral
effect could not pass without being noticed
“Viral” strategy was relevant to promoted service, and
the execution itself was low-cost, simple and bright as any viral project shoul be