Ch 13 Test Review

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Ch 13 Test Review: 44 Questions, Multiple
Why did Darwin think they plants/animals on the
Galapagos Islands were similar to those off the
coast of South America?
Where did Darwin conduct most of his research?
Know what a population is and be able to identify
an example.
Know what natural selection is.
Know adaptation.
What reason does Darwin give for why evolution
7. Know all details of natural selection and why it
occurs and what causes it.
8. Know what ideas Darwin published in his book.
This is in your textbook and was included in your
notes. The PPT is available on
9. Know what gradualism and punctuated equilibrium
10. Know what a homologous structure is and be able
to identify one when given a picture.
11. Know what a fossil is and be able to give an
12. Know what the theory of evolution states.
13. Know the different evidences of evolution.
14. Know what a vestigial structure is.
15. Know how the human embryo looks and what
parts it has that are similar to other embryos of
other species.
16. Know what a population is and what happens
when the population is split into two or more
17. Know what causes competition.
18. Know what happens when natural resources are
19. Know about Darwin’s finches, what varied in the
different species and why.
20. Know what divergence means and be able to identify
and example.
21. Know what a subspecies is and be able to identify an
22. Know how new species are formed.
23. Know what ship Darwin was on.
24. Know the name of Darwin’s book.
25. Know what extinction means.
26. Know what the most direct evidence of evolution is.
27. Know how evolution affects bacteria (ie antibiotic