Species Change Overtime

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Transcript Species Change Overtime

Species Change Overtime
Early Ideas
And Darwin’s Theory
Evolution is the process when species evolve.
Example- giraffes have longer necks than before because they adapted to
reaching for leaves.
Many Species had evolved due to adaptations with their environment.
Early Ideas
In the 1700s a lot of people started to see changes in species.
No one was supporting a theory that was strong enough to show how
species evolved.
Until a French scientist came along, named Baptiste de Lamarck.
In the 1800s he proposed that animals change due to their response of the
His theory was symbolized by a giraffe. As the giraffe continues to reach for
leaves shows it to be useful, but when traits aren’t useful they don’t get
passed on.
Overtime Lamarck’s ideas were rejected by other scientists.
He still was the first Scientist to create an explanation.
Darwin’s Theory
• In 1859 a British scientist by the name of Charles Darwin published a
book on a voyage he took 30 years ago.
• He was a board the ship: Beagle, serving as a naturalist.
• The book explains a new theory on how evolution occurred and how it
• He traveled from England to South America just to find evidence for his
• Darwin compared plants to animals he had seen before. He was
shocked that there was still undiscovered species.
• As he went further away from England the animals began to get even
more diverse.
• Darwin also observed different types of finches.
• These birds had many differences. Some live in the trees while others
lived on the ground.
• The differences he saw included beak sizes, beak shapes, and long
• He was puzzled and wondered what they evolved from.
• He also wondered if the environment had affected theses animals.
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