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Optical Illusions
Predictions, Ch. 1, Act. 1
What is an Optical
• Any illusion that deceives the human
visual system into perceiving something
that is not present to exist.
Who’s the Tallest?
Can you build this?
Can you make this?
What do you see?
Can this happen?
Where does the
transition take place?
A lonely
How Many Horses do you See?
How many monks do you See?
What do you see here?
How Many People do you See?
Face or Liar?
What do you see?
How Many Faces do you See?
What do optical illusions have
in common with science?
• Scientists resort to the power of
observation to make sense of data
acquired through experimental
Why are accurate
observations important?
• Over 80% of the information you receive
is obtained visually.
• Scientists rely on the powers of
experimentation involving
measurements to separate illusion from
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