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High Resolution Time Series Measurements of Biooptical and Physical Variability in the Coastal Ocean as
Part of HyCODE
The long-term goal of our project is to increase understanding of the variability of
inherent and apparent optical properties (IOPs and AOPs) of ocean waters and their
relationships to each other as well as to physical processes on continental shelves.
• To provide the maximum number of in situ observations of IOPs and AOPs possible for
calibrating, groundtruthing, and relating subsurface optical properties to aircraft and spacecraft
ocean color data
• To develop, test, and validate optical models and high resolution interdisciplinary models of the
coastal ocean.
• To study processes that contribute to temporal and spatial variability of spectral IOPs and
AOPs. In particular, we are determining how temporal and spatial variability in IOPs and AOPs
are affected by:
- Coastal physical and biological dynamics and larger scale circulation patterns,
- Wave fields,
- Water column stratification and current shears,
- Near surface and near bottom mixing,
- Diurnal and seasonal biological and physical cycles, and
- Riverine and runoff inflows.
Approach, 2001
What’s New?
- Hyperspectral Ed/Lu sensors
- Temperature every ~1m
- Salinity every 3-5m
- Shorter deployment
Data collected?
Everything except:
- ADCP quit JD 184
- HiStar dropped data packets
- HydroScat-6 quit JD 179
- 5m Lu didn’t work
- SAFire (several l’s)
Sampling Rates
ac-9: once per hour
ADCP: once per minute
Beam c: once per minute
Fluorometer: once per minute
HydroScat-6: once per hour
Hyperspectral: once per hour
Microcat: once per minute
PAR: 8 times per hour
Pressure: once per second
SBE-39: once per minute
Seacat: once per minute
Tidbit: once every 5 minutes
TSKA: once every 2 minutes
Transmissometer and Fluorometer
Hyperspectral Ed/Lu
Bottom Pressure
1-min avg
12-hr avg
24-hr avg