Metamorphic Rocks

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Metamorphic Rocks
Rock transformations in the planet
What are they?
Metamorphic rocks are
transformed by heat &
pressure in the earth.
Magma can contact the
rock to transform it.
Regions of plate tectonics
cause high levels of heat
due to the movement of
the plates, which can
metamorphose rocks as
Like igneous and
sedimentary rock,
metamorphic rock is
grouped as well.
Metamorphic rock is
classified based on its
Metamorphic rocks
can either be foliated
or unfoliated.
Foliated rocks
Foliated rocks are layered
because the pressure
applied to the rock is in
one direction.
Common examples of
foliated rock are schist,
gneiss, slate, and phyllite.
Can you guess what rock
the slate in this picture
metamorphosed from?
Unfoliated rocks
If foliated rocks have
layers, what do you
suppose is true about
unfoliated rocks?
Quartzite and marble are
common unfoliated rocks.
Marble is used in many
building applications, but
is also a source of calcium
carbonate, which is used
in paint, toothpaste,
plastic, and blackboard
Foliated vs. unfoliated
Gneiss, which is foliated
Marble, which is unfoliated