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Something to Hoot About!
Weekly News 12-5-13
What are We Learning?
Math: Multiplication meanings
and facts
Language Arts: Linking verbs
Reading: Reread strategy,
author's point of view,
simile, poetry genre:
limerick & free-verse
Vocabulary: Poetry Words:
1. bounce
5. alliteration
2. imagine 6. free verse
3. inventor 7. limerick
4. observer 8. rhyme
Social Studies: Geography
Science: Rocks & minerals
Important Dates:
•Dec. 4: School bank day
•Dec. 18: Winterfest t-shirt
design DUE (snowy owl is the
theme for 3rd grade)
•Dec. 19: Class Christmas party
12:00 – 1:30
•Dec. 20: Early dismissal 9:30
Our class Christmas Party will be
Thursday, Dec. 19th from 12:00 –
1:30 PM. If you would like to
volunteer during that time,
please fill out the volunteer form
To receive text reminders about
our class:
TEXT: @naes
TO: 901-201-4731
Ms. Naes, Third Grade
[email protected]
Something to Hoot About!
Weekly News 12-5-13
What are We Learning?
Words with digraphs (2 or more
letters that make 1 sound)
1. chick
2. much
3. pitch
4. teacher
5. lunch
6. hatch
7. cheese
8. stretch
9. thick
10. truth
11. pathway
12. them
13. fish
14. whales
15. what
Our class Christmas list:
•Brother TN-420 toner
•8 x 11 white printer paper
•Red, yellow, green, & blue
Solo plastic cups
•Quart-sized & sandwichsized Ziploc bags
•Paper towels
•Cap erasers
Class Website: Be sure to visit
the TFAA homepage & find
our class website under
third grade to stay updated
on newsletter info,
homework, & upcoming
Toy Drive: The cafeteria toy
drive is still accepting
donations until Thursday,
Dec. 12th. There is a drop-off
area inside the cafeteria.