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Transcript first-nations

By Davis, Lee and Colby
The first nations used the horns of the buffalo for spoons, cups and arrow stationers.
The first nations used the ribs/bones from buffalo to make tools and weapons.
First nations followed the foot prints and go to where the animals go. EX birds, bear
rabbit and more.
The first nations made arrowheads out of obsidian
Horse can run 40-48km/h and arrows are 68.0m shot.
First nations used obsidian to make stone carving.
The weapons the first nations used bow, arrows, sword and spears
First nations carved obsidian with a stone chipper
Tools and weapons
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with tools and
From 200 years ago we don’t have tools and weapons like today. The first weapons
the first nations used was spears to stab there prey then it evolved to a bows and
arrows to shot long distends to hit there prey .
The first nations used snowshoes to walk on deep snow. Animal skin helps the first
nation by making rugs, blankets, pants and coats. For a fire they used flint to light
a fire also used wood and rocks.
the first nations used spears to throw and hint there prey then bows and arrows,
fishing rods. Then guns like today.
Prey means the other team
Evolved means from baby to kid to pre teen.
Flint means to light a fire with a rock and wood.