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Transcript Water_Resources

Water Resources
Hydrology- study of water
Freshwater Pollution
 Point Source Pollutionpollution that comes from a
specific location
 Ex. A leaking landfill
 Nonpoint pollution is
pollution that does not
have a specific point of
– Ex. Runoff-can carry
waste oil from streets,
wash sediment from
– Carries water from
fertilizer, pesticides,
animal feed lots.
Stream flow
 The ability of a stream to erode and
transport materials depends largely on
 Discharge- The volume of water flowing past
a certain point in a given unit of time.
Gradient is the slope or steepness of
a stream channel.
Tributary- a stream that empties into
another stream
Laws to protect our environment
 Montreal Protocol -Treaty to ban the use of ozone
depleting chemicals
 Kyoto Protocol- International Agreement to help regulate
climate change
 International Panel on Climate Change- group who
meets to discuss possible solutions to climate change.
 International Whaling Commission- Set regulations and
bans on killing whales.
 Convention of Trade of Endangered Species- Treaty
which helps regulate the trading and selling of endangered
 Streams generally
erode their channels
lifting particles by
abrasion, grinding, and
by dissolving.
 Beach erosion occurs
because of wind and
waves and human