The Plasma Membrane

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The Plasma
Function of Plasma
 Homeostasis needs to be obtained
 Thin, flexible boundary between the cell
and its environment.
 Allows nutrients into cell
 Allows waste to exit cell
 All prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have
a plasma membrane
Selective permeability
 A membrane allows some substances to
pass through while keeping others out.
 Fish net analogy
Structures of P. Membrane
 Phospholipid Bilayer-two layers of
phospholipids composing the P.
 Arranged tail-to-tail
 Allows existance in H2O
Other Components
 CholesterolContributes to fluidity of
acid tails
 CarbohydratesDefine cell
characteristics and fight infection
 Transport Proteins Tunnels in
membrane that allow substances to
enter/leave the cell