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China's Perspectives on Financial
Mechanism of Climate Change
for post 2012
Xianliang YI
September 2008, Oxford, UK
Requirements on financial mechanism (FM)
Existing FMs and their deficiency
New proposals on FM and their shortcomings
Chinese position and perspectives on FM
I Requirements on financial mechanism (FM)
1. Article 4, 11 and 21 of the Convention
2. Decisions made by COP and COP/MOP
II Existing FMs and their deficiency
1. Existing FMs
1) Special Climate Change Fund
2) Least Developed Countries Fund
3) Adaptation Fund
4) Individual programs' financial aid from GEF
5) Regional and bilateral financial support
2. As
the major financial resources mobilzer and
operator required by the Convention and COP,
GEF, in the past 17 years since its setting-up,
provided 3.74 billion US$ to 1950 projects ,
including 2.2 billion US$ to 574 projects of
climate change, mainly focused on capacity
building, renewables and sustainable city policy.
This 2.2 billion US$ had promoted / mobilized 14
billion US$ investment and loan to developing
3. Problems
1) lowering political will of the developed country
2) enlarging gap between the need by the developing side
and the provision by the developed side
3) declining ability of FMs including GEF to mobilize
( GEF 4th replenishment period: 1 billion $ for climate change in total,
of which180 million $ for the LDCF and 9 million SCCF )
4) forgotten AF en facto
(only about 400 thousand US$ in total and the only source
is the levy from CDM)
5) unsatisfactory governance and operation of FM (GEF)
III Recent proposals on FMs
1. Climate Investment Fund (CIF, World Bank) with two sub-funds:
Clean Technology Fund & Strategic Climate Fund
( Developing countries concern: 1) CIF may have negative effect on the
ongoing negotiation process for the post 2012 arrangement on FMs;
and 2) developed countries may use CIF to dilute their financial
obligation under the Convention. )
2. Climate Change World Fund (Green Fund, Mexico)
The Fund's initial scale would be 10 billion USD every year, and could
be up to 30 billion USD every year. but the Mexican requests all
countries, developed and developing, to contribute to the Fund, without
due consideration of the principle of Common But Differentiated
3. Proposal of G77 + China
IV China's position and perspectives on FMs
1. Support developing countries as a group to negotiate with
developed countries in solving the FM in one package
2. General requirements
- based on grant and concessional condition;
- additional to ODA
- under guidance and governance in the context of UNFCCC
3. Size and division of the financial resource
- X (0.5) % of the GDP of all developed countries
- divided into functional parts: adaptation, technology,
capacity building and voluntary actions in mitigation