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Webinar, 11th December 2013
I. Brochure
Dissemination plan
Next version 2014
Inspire Directive implications on the work of Observatories (Mr. De Groof, DG ENV)
III. ICLEI Europe (Mr. Zollner)
GPC (Global Protocol for Community-Scale GHG emissions)
IEAP (International Local Government Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis Protocol)
HEAT + (Harmonized Emissions Analysis Tool)
carbonn Cities Climate Registry (cCCR) for Measurable, Reportable, Verifiable Local
Climate Action
IV. Upcoming events
Brochure v.0
• Comments?
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• NENET energy agency (Norrbotten region, Sweden): We suggest that you
use “energy use” instead of “energy consumption “since energy can neither
be produced nor consumed. We know that this term is often used, but still it is wrong.
We can talk about electricity consumption, oil consumption (since the electricity or oil is
destroyed) etc, but the energy is never gone. What really is gone is the quality in the
energy (some people refer this to exergy, others to increased disorder also called
Brochure dissemination plan
• ENERGee Watch website, Twitter
• Members’/regional councils’ websites, Twitter
• Partner networks: Climate Alliance (member already), ICLEI (already member),
Energy Cities, Eurocities, CEMR
• ManagEnergy
• EU institutions
•… ?
Brochure next version 2014
 Time frame: data collection in summer 2014 > publication in December 2014
Regional data submitted in v.0:
1. Basque country (ES)
2. Franche-Comté (FR)
3. Ile-de-France (FR)
4. Liguria (IT)
5. Norrbotten (SW)
6. Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur (FR)
7. Rhône-Alpes (FR)
8. Zlin (CZ)
To be submitted in v.1 in 2014:
1. Bucharest (RO)
2. Castilla y León (ES)
3. Kent (GB)
4. Maramureş (RO)
5. Nord-Pas de Calais (FR)
Brochure next version 2014
Valentin Lyant (PACA): what about the GHG emissions from the energy transformation activities?
In our region, we have 4 refinery and 3 power plant working with gas and coal representing 5millions
teq co2. It’s clearly a lack in the data.
Pierrick (RAEE): (we have suggested to simplify the excel file as much as possible. Our idea was
besides to adopt a demand-side approach, and thus to consider the final energy consumption and
associated GHG emissions. We could consider adding a column to count this, but I am not sure all
of us will have relevant figures on it. I would thus suggest to keep it in mind for the next version ?
Stéphane François (Franche-Comté): To clarify the reporting format for Energee Watch, maybe
we could consider adding a table in the file with the UNFCCC CRF (Common Reporting Format)
categories list and the match to reporting categories? And even if everybody will not provide
consumptions/emissions for each of those subcategories, each entity could at least list the sectors
that are effectively included in the overall regional data provided? That could be valuable information
on the level of completeness of the data and tell us more about the reliability of the comparisons /
graphs maybe in the document.
Brochure next version 2014
Inspire Directive: implications on the work of Observatories
Mr. De Groof, DG ENV
GPC (Global Protocol for Community-Scale GHG emissions)
IEAP (International Local Government Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Analysis Protocol)
carbonn Cities Climate Registry (cCCR) for Measurable, Reportable,
Verifiable Local Climate Action
Mr. Zollner, ICLEI Europe
 CORDEX - Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (project of the WCRP
Group on Regional Climate) is providing global coordination of Regional Climate Downscaling
for improved regional climate change adaptation and impact assessment.
Partnership between WCRP (World Climate Research Programme), European Commission
and IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change),
 Biograce project (IEE, 2010-2012)
Dealt with the harmonization of GHG emission calculations of biofuels throughout the EU.
Tools were designed to make and verify own biofuel GHG calculations.
Upcoming events
 Next webinar in March 2014 (hopefully DATA4ACTION started with partners:
RAEE, Alba (RO), Basque Country, Carlow Kilkenny, EAZK (Zlin), EPTA Environmental
Engineers-Consultants (Greece), Fedarene, Kent, Liguria, Nenet (Norrbotten), Nord-Pas-deCalais, Plovdiv BG, Torino.
 FEDARENE General Assembly 2014 in Genoa (May-June): to encourage more Fedarene
members to join the network ?
COP 20, 1-12 December 2014, Lima (Peru)
COP 21, 30-11 December 2015, Paris (France): present an opinion paper with partner
networks (ICLEI Europe, Committee of the Regions, Climate Alliance, CEMR, Eurocities,
Energy Cities,…) about legislation regarding regional energy/climate data
Thank you for your attention!