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The Polar Connection
from Literature to Science
Presented by
Holly Hargraves
My Prior Knowledge
To Build a Fire
White Fang
Call of the Wild
Love of Life
By Jack London
My Early Research
How We Know What We Know About
Our Changing Climate
by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch
Easy to read and
New words are defined –
Good overview about
climate change
Perfect for middle and high
A literary anthology "flip
book" commemorating the
International Polar Year .
Stocked with first-person
narratives, cultural histories,
nature and science writing,
and fiction compilation of
first-person narratives,
cultural histories, science
and nature writing, fiction,
and more, by Jon Krakauer,
Jack London, Barry Lopez,
Ursula K. Le Guin, Diane
Ackerman, and others.
Another book by Elizabeth Kolbert
In this wonderful new book by former New
York Times reporter Elizabeth Kolbert, the
reader is whisked away into a series of field
trips into the myriad of places across the globe
where the increasing evidence of approaching
disaster is being observed, discussed, and
reacted to in ways that has to give the reader
pause. Eskimos are abandoning a small island
in the Artic Ocean even as the surrounding ice
cap that once protected from wind and storm
damage melts into oblivion as a direct result of
the Greenhouse Effect.
The Kids from Nowhere: The
Story Behind the Arctic
Educational Miracle by George
Recommended by Julie who
worked on this island for four
“…gripping, true story of a group
of Alaskan Eskimo students who,
despite nearly impossible odds,
achieve one of the most stunning
educational feats in the history of
American education…”
The North Pole Was Here:
Puzzles and Perils at the
Top of the World
by Andrew Revkin (Author)
Recommended by our own Ray
Bradley –
the author is a New York Times
scientific reporter
Arctic & Antarctic has
spectacular photographs
and diagrams to explain ice
formations; tundra; and
plant, sea, and wildlife of
each region.
Human life is discussed in
spreads on native cultures
and explorers.
Sections pair up
information about each
pole, allowing for
Good for middle school
This package includes:
Birds & Mammals of the
Antarctic by Frank Todd;
The Crystal Desert by
David Campbell;
Endurance, Shackleton's
Incredible Voyage by
Alfred Lansing; and the
Antarctic Explorer Map by
Ocean Explorer.
“If you are planning to travel to Antarctica,
this package will get you started.”
Describes the unique light phenomena of the Alaskan
Arctic and the way animals adapt to the temperature
and daylight changes each month of the year.
Describes how life changes with the seasons in one
of the coldest places on earth, the Arctic.
Enhanced by charming, detailed illustrations, a study
of interest in reaching and exploring the Arctic
provides information on the many expeditions,
successful and unsuccessful, to the region made by
people from all over the world over hundreds of
The Whale and the Super
Computer; on the Northern
Front of Climate Change
Wohlforth's beautifully written
study of global warming's
impact on Arctic weather
patterns. He does a magnificent
job of writing about two
disparate cultures and the
Inupiaq Eskimos who live and
hunt on the coast of the Arctic
Ocean and Western scientists
attempting to comprehend
climate changes and
demonstrating just how much
they have in common.
Matthew Henson,
the African American
explorer who
accompanied Robert
Peary on the first
successful expedition to
the North Pole in 1909.
photographs, and
journal entries from
the author's visit to
Antarctica, the
windiest, coldest,
most forbidding
region on earth,
describe her intimate
experience with this
last great wilderness.
Silent Snow
The Slow Poisoning of the
From Booklist
*Starred Review* When we think
of the Arctic, we picture a realm
as pristine as a diamond, but it
has been poisoned with toxic
chemicals carried north from
the industrialized world via wind
and water. So insidious is this
invisible invasion, the animals
and people of the Arctic "carry
more mercury and PCBs in their
bodies" than any other living
beings on earth. Cone, an
award-winning environmental
reporter for the Los Angeles
Times, recounts her travels
throughout the afflicted region
in a riveting narrative…”
The Complete Guide to Antarctic
Wildlife, Birds and Marine Mammals
of the Antarctic Continent and
Southern Ocean
Hadoram Shirihai • Brett Jarrett
This book, an essential reference,
features striking color illustrations and
color photographs of each of the
Antarctica's birds and marine mammals
north to 40 degrees. …The book
concludes with practical information
about visiting the area, including details
on landing sites and weather
For the Beach: A Novel
“Greeted with excited critical
praise, this extraordinary novelinspired by the true story of two
ice ships that disappeared in the
Arctic Circle during an 1845
expedition-swells with the heartstopping suspense and heroic
adventure that have won Dan
Simmons praise as "a writer who
not only makes big promises but
keeps them” (Seattle PostIntelligencer).
THE TERROR chills readers to the
For the Beach
“A shocking scientific discovery”
“A conspiracy of staggering
“A thriller unlike any you've ever
When a NASA satellite discovers
an astonishingly rare object buried
deep in the Arctic ice, the
floundering space agency
proclaims a much needed victory…
For the Beach: A Sci Fi Trilogy on
Global Warming
Sixty Days And Counting
by Kim Stanley Robinson - By the time
Phil Chase is elected president, the
world's climate is far on its way
to irreversible change.
by Kim Stanley Robinson This is no distant planet--it is the last pure
wilderness on earth.
Fifty Degrees Below
by Kim Stanley Robinson Set in our nation’s capital, here is a
chillingly realistic tale of people caught
the collision of science, technology,
and the consequences of global...
The other side of the argument:
and well-documented
book on the
global warming hoax.”