Sustainability Trust & Solar Cookers

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Rotarians for Sustainability
African Solar Cookers Project
Presentation by Craig Clarke
to Rotary Club of Nanaimo
Friday May 21, 2010
• 20 M displaced by climate disasters last year, nearly 4x
as many compared to conflict areas
• Around 70% of disasters are now climate related
• 2.4 billion people affected in last decade
World Health Organization
We Are Part of the Solution
• residents responsible for 30% of BC emissions
• Direct energy use by households accounts for
approximately 38% of overall US emissions, and
larger than the emissions of any country except
• US household emissions could be reduced by
20% within 10 yrs without major lifestyle change
Our Personal Emissions
• Average BC household emits 5 tonnes per person
• For many, the vehicle we drive has biggest effect on
our emissions
• BUT airline flights are very high (e.g., for 2 people):
– Vancouver – Honolulu return 4.2 tonnes
– Vancouver – Hong Kong return 10.4 tonnes
• Recommend reducing personal emissions as much
as possible, buy carbon offsets for remainder
Rotarians for Sustainability
•11 Founding Member Clubs on 5 continents.
South African Solar Cooking
• Promoting solar cookers in South Africa by
linking Clubs in • Cheltenham England,
• Fresno California,
• Grahamstown, S. Africa,
• Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, S.A. and
• Swaziland
Grahamstown, SA
The Need
• Grahamstown townships have 82%
unemployment with 35% HIV incidence.
• Fuel costs are a financial burden.
• Very poor families search for firewood,
which is only available after long treks
separating mothers from children.
• Open fires in confined spaces produce
respiratory distress.
Why Solar Cooking?
• Easily & cheaply manufactured locally from
recycled cardboard, glue and foil.
• Ovens last for one year, with no fuel costs
• Estimated savings of $200 annually.
• No emissions and reduced risk of burning.
Integrated Solar Cooking
• Solar ovens to reduce
need for fuel wood
• Six brick "Rocket"
Stoves (fuel and
energy efficient)
• Haybasket (heat
retained cookersimilar to a thermos)
• Water Purification
Instrument (WAPI)
The Workshop
Next Step
G8 + 5 Academies Joint Statement
Climate Change and low-carbon energy
• Essential that world leaders agree on emissions
reductions needed to combat Climate Change
• Support access to low-carbon energy by
developing countries
• Increase investment in adaptation strategies
targeted for the most vulnerable countries
US National Academy of Sciences
America’s Climate Choices
• Strong credible body of scientific evidence shows
that climate change is caused by human activities
and poses significant risks for a broad range of
human and natural systems
• Future generations will have to live with
consequences of decisions made today
Ethics of Climate Change
• Weighing our prosperity against chances
that CC will diminish the well being of
future generations
• Future generations will suffer most
effects but if the economy grows, will be
richer than we are