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Rock ‘n’ Roll.
• Rock ‘n’ roll is a style of music which began in
the 1940s.
• Born in America, it was created by mixing
blue’s and country and western music.
• Most styles of pop music today have been
influenced by Rock ‘n’ Roll!
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley was not the
first Rock ‘n’ Roll singer, but
he certainly the most
In school he was told by his
teacher and classmates that
he was bad at singing and
should give up!
Despite this he is still the
best selling solo artist in the
history of music.
Hollow Body Electric Guitar
The word ‘dynamics’, refers to the volume of a
piece of music. We use different volumes to
convey emotions and create feelings.
We often use loudness to convey action,
excitement or happiness.
Softness is used to create mystery or
P – This means Piano, which is Italian
for soft.
F – This mean Forte, which is Italian for
Let’s try playing a song both ways!
What is a Fret?
On the Guitar neck there are many
thin strips of metal, we call these
How many frets does your guitar
We give each space
between the frets a
The 1st fret, is
found at the top of
the guitar, close to
the head.
Using the left hand.
To make more notes we use our Left Hand.
First put your thumb on the back of the neck
pointing up. Your thumb should be near the
To make new notes we press down
the strings close behind the fret.
Which fret is this persons finger
• Reggae is a style of music, originally
developed in Jamaica.
• It appeared in the 1960’s.
• It features a mixture of acoustic and electric
With your middle finger, press down
the G String close behind the second
fret and play.
This gives us a new note called A!
Bob Marley is the most famous musician in
As well as being a musician, he was also and
activist for spreading peace and tolerance
throughout the world.
Solid Body Electric Guitar.
Rhythm so far.
Is a Crotchet. Play for 1 beat!
Say ‘walk’.
Is a pair of quavers.
Play 2 in one beat!
Say ‘Running’.
Is a rest. Stop for one beat!
Musical Shortcuts!
Sometimes we can make a long piece of music
shorter by using shortcuts.
DC al fine means go back to the beginning and
stop at fine.
Fine (pronounced ‘fee-nay’) is Italian for