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Understanding 20th and 21st Century
Music Technology
• Listen to the following recording and identify the style of this music
from the following options, providing a reason for your answer;
Jazz funk
New Wave
World Music
20th/21st Century Classical
Developed in Jamaica in
the late 1960s
No Woman No Cry
Three Little Birds
Listen to these famous Reggae
Tracks by Bob Marley and write
down any similarities
• Incorporates elements of Rhythm n Blues (RnB), Jazz,
Calypso, African, Latin American and others
• Usually in 4/4 time
• The accents are usually on the 2nd and 4th beats of the bar
• Tempo is usually slower than a typical rock tempo
• Instruments used:
Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Horns, Drums
• The bass guitar has a dominant role in Reggae
• It usually sounds quite thick and heavy and
equalized so the upper frequencies are removed
and the lower frequencies are emphasised.
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Bass Guitar
• The Guitar or Piano (or sometimes both) play off
beat rhythms known as the Shank
• It has a very dampened, short and scratchy chop
sound, almost like a percussion instrument
• Listen to an example of this
• The Reggae-Organ shuffle is unique to Reggae.
• Typically a Hammond Organ-style sound is used
to play chords with a choppy feel.
• This is known as the bubble.
• Listen to a keyboard in reggae music.
• Horn sections are frequently used in Reggae
playing introductions, syncopated chords and
• Other instruments used include:
Saxophone, trumpets, trombone
• In more recent Reggae Music, real instruments
are sometimes replaced by synthesizers or
recorded samples.
UB40- Rat in mi kitchen
Listening Activity
Accents on beats 2 and 4, horn section, strong bass, 4/4 time,
developed in Jamaica
a) This track is in a Reggae style. Describe the main
features of Reggae music and how it developed.
b) How is the stereo field used to add excitement and
interest to this recording?Sound is panned from left to right at the beginning
c) Which instrument takes the lead? Trumpet
d) Name two instruments other than drums, bass and the
lead instrument that are used in this extract.
Vocals, keyboard/synthesizer, horns
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The specials – ghost town
Listening Activity
• The lyrics of this song describe a neglected inner-city area. Describe
three ways in which the recording between 0.07-1.43 reflects this. You
may refer to musical or technological features of the extract in your
Tonality – minor
Vocals – melody
Vocals – recording quite dull (EQ)
Heavy bass/rhythm section
• The organ plays an ascending musical phrase between 0.13 and 0.19. on
which of the following types of scale is this ascending pattern based?
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• Create a mind map which contains the following information about
Reggae Music:
• (At least) Three attributes (or key characteristics) of reggae music.
• One or more technologies that are essential to this genre
• A key innovator of this genre
• Any pieces of music that you have listened to in class or out with class
that have helped develop your understanding of this genre