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人教课标版 高一必修 2
Unit 5
Do you want to form
your own band to
take part in the
music festival?
Form your own band in groups of six.
Decide who will play what instrument
and who will sing. Decide the name of
your band and what kind of band you
will be. For example, will you be a
rock band, or a small group of singers?
Then, choose an English song for your
“band” to perform.
You may find this song on the internet
or on some of your own tapes or CDs.
Practise singing your song to the
music and then perform to the class.
This may be just the beginning for
you and your band!
Sample dialogue:
S1: What music shall be performed in
our band? I like folk music. What
about you?
S2: I’d like to suggest Chinese folk
music. I like it very much. What do you
all think?
S3: I don’t mind what music we choose
as long as I don’t have to sing. I think
we should pretend to play an instrument.
Maybe I can bring in my brother’s
S4: Yes. That sounds good but let me say
that I don’t like to sing in public so I
think we should have a backing group
that supports the main singer. What do
you think?
S1: Who’s the best singer here?
S2: I’m in the school choir.
S3: Me too. Why don’t we sing a
Chinese folk song together with a
guitar and one backing singer.
S1: It’s OK by me.
S4: Now all we have to do is to choose
the song. Let’s make a list of our
favourites …
Writing for practical purpose:
Asking for advice
Useful expressions for asking for
advice and suggestions.
1). I would be grateful if you could
give me some advice.
2). How can I …
3). What can you suggest?
4). I would appreciate your reply offering
some suggestions.
5). Do you have some good advice on …
6). Does anyone has any tips on …
7). I can’t decide whether …
8). I would like to know how can I …
9). I am a little bit confused. I am
looking forward to receiving your
advice letter and thank you in advice.
10). I really don’t want to bother you,
but …
Would you offer me some advice?
Write an e-mail to Freddy for his
advice on how to make your band
successful. Try to use the useful
expressions for asking for advice
and suggestions we have mentioned
Sample letter
Dear Freddy:
My name is Li Hua. I’m beginning a band
with my friends. However, we have never
been in a band before. Could you please
give us some advice? I would like to know
what music to play and we cannot decide.
I like pop music but most of my friends
like rock ‘n’ roll. Liu Mei likes rap. How
are we to decide what to play? Do you
suggest we play a little of all of these
types of music? Or should we only play
one kind of music? How did you and
your friends decide what to play?
We hope you can give us some advice.
Yours hopefully,
Li Hua
In groups of four discuss these
questions and make notes of your
ideas (P69).
1. Do you believe in the “Mozart
effect”? Why or why not?
2. Have you ever experienced it?
Give an example.
3. Do you think it also works with
other kinds of music such as pop
music? Give reasons.
Sample dialogue
S1: I’ve never felt the “Mozart effect”,
have you?
S2: Well, I find I feel calmer if I’m
worried about my work. It makes
me feel more optimistic.
S3: That’s interesting because I attach
great importance to listening to
music. I find that I listen to a
particular CD when I feel sad. Music
always makes me feel more
confident about life and my
S4: Is that a CD of classical music? I
don’t appreciate that kind of music
at all. I prefer pop music. It makes
me feel more cheerful and energetic.
S3: No, actually it isn’t classical music
but it does change my mood.
S1: However, the “Mozart effect” is
supposed to improve your memory.
Have any of you noticed anything
like that?
S4: Not really!
S3 : Not really!
S2: Well, I find that if I try and learn
English vocabulary while listening to
music, it helps me. Do you think that’s
what the “Mozart effect” is?
S1 : No, not really. However, it does seem
as if we believe in the “Mozart effect”,
even though none of us have
experienced it!
Speaking task on P74
Discuss which kinds of musician/singer/
composer/conductor you prefer. Choose
your favourite. Write down briefly what
you know about him or her: why you chose
him/her and which part of his/her music
you prefer. Make notes in the chart below
to help you remember what you are going
to say.
Sample dialogue
S1: I like Chinese folk music, do you? I
love The Butterfly Lovers. That’s so
romantic and I enjoy listening to it so
S2: I like Western pop songs. The Beatles
are one of my favourites. When I hear
their music it makes me feel so happy. I
always smile.
S1: I don’t know their music at all.
S2: Well, they are a band of four young
men called John, Paul, George and
Ringo. I really like their songs. They
sing songs about life. My favourite
song is Yesterday. It makes me feel so
S1: I didn’t realize that they wrote
that. I love that song.
S2: Their music has a haunting quality
which keeps it in your mind. The tunes
are so pretty and the songs are so
different. That’s what makes their
music so interesting.
S1: I think I’ll try and find some of
their music too. I think I’d enjoy
listening to them to.
S2: Have we finished? Would you
like to fill in your notes and practise
your speech now?
Sample writing
The Beatles
Today I am going to talk about my
favorite Western band --- the Beatles.
There were four members of this band:
their names were John, Paul, George and
Ringo. The song that they wrote which I
really love is Yesterday. It has such a
beautiful tune and always makes me feel a
little sad.
Writing task P74
I got to know their music when I saw
them on television. They seemed so kind
and friendly to their fans. They had such a
good sense of humor too. Their songs seem
to talk about things that I feel strongly
about like growing old or being lonely.
Their music is always so beautiful. It
makes me feel happy and sad at the same
I think that they are an exceptional band
who produced outstanding music. I hope
you will enjoy listening to this song
which I am going to play…