Making Musical Masterpieces

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Transcript Making Musical Masterpieces

Making Musical Masterpieces
By Paul Provencio,
Townsend Elementary
Making Music Masterpieces - Reading
In 1961, the Tokens recorded
their biggest hit, “ The Lion Sleeps
Tonight.” The song is based upon an
African folk tune, “Wimoweh.”
Roughly translated, this phrase means
“the lion is sleeping.”
Making Music Masterpieces - Questions
If you could write a song inspired by a
popular phrase or folk saying, what
saying would you choose?
Write your lyrics (the words) first.
Then improvise a song by singing the
lyrics aloud.
Making Music Masterpieces Teacher’s Page
General Tips for success:
First let class read silently. Then read out loud as class. Brain-storm to find out their
schema and stimulate ideas. Repetition of key words or phrases is an important lyric
writing technique.
When singing, making it up as you go: think about melodies that go high and low, fast
and slow, in steps or skips, loud and soft to create interest. Don’t worry about
sounding like Pavarotti. God gave you a voice, you give it right back. Don’t worry if
your voice won’t do what you want at first. Keep trying until your voice listens to
you. You’re the boss. Tell your voice you want to sing. Have fun and don’t take
yourself too seriously. Laugh and look like your having fun. Kids will follow.
Work in structured cooperative learning groups to create a classroom song. Each
group creating a variation on a theme or different part of the song. Perform.
Activity notes
Making Music Masterpieces Teacher’s Page
Activity 1
•Seven principles of Kwaanza:Imani-faith, Kuumba-creativity,
Ujamaa-working together, Umoja-unity, Ujima-responsibility,
Nia-purpose, Kujichagulia-self determination.
•Current classroom math, science, social studies concepts,
spelling, rules, procedures, etc.
•School motto or district theme: Learning for all.
•Words of wisdom: Silence is golden; Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you; A penny saved is a penny earned,