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Peer Interview
1. Take turns interviewing each other. Each
student is to answer the questions as if
they were the character
2. Interviewer writes down the main ideas
of the responses from his/her group
3. After the interviews are complete, each
character gets his/her interview sheet
from the interviewer
4. After the interview is complete, there will
be an individual activity – Details to
Interview Questions
Wallace Wallace
How did you feel when
you saw the article in the
school paper about
Wallace Wallace and
Did you think Dylan was
crazy for throwing out his
football stuff or did you
feel sorry for him?
Trudi seems to be
enjoying her newfound
stardom. If you were
Wallace Wallace and
could only speak the
truth, what would you tell
How did you feel about
Mr. Fogelman when you
“caught” him playing
music w/ the Dead
Are you really going to
grab a rake and join
everyone at Wallace’s
house or would you rather
go to the fair?
Do you think waking to
your mixed up dream of
your football friends
means you really miss
your football friends?
Were you embarrassed or
secretly pleased to see
forty of your Drama Club
friends in your yard with
Mr. Fogelman
How did you feel when
the kids thought you were
really old even though
you’re only 29?
How do you think your
behavior and choices up
to now have influenced
how the kids view you?
You seemed to really
enjoy playing music. How
did your wife feel about
your playing with the
Dead Mangoes? Did her
reaction change your
When Cavanaugh called
you the “Prince of Geeks”
what did you do?
Your Coach said, “you
don’t have great football
skills. But there’s
something about you..”
What do you think that is?
Did you think that maybe
you should reconsider
being a part of the Drama
Club after Rick gave you
the losing “game ball”?
How will it help you to
“Mellow out”? What was
the turning point when
you realized that you
needed to "mellow out"?
Are you really ready to
just let things happen and
give up control or are you
a little unsure about
really letting go of
Individual Activity
Respond to the following questions from
your character’s point of view:
1. How have you changed since the beginning of the book?
2. Do you think the changes are for the better or for the worse?
3. Were there any events that caused your character to change?
Writing to Learn
• Writing To Learn (WTL)
•POVGs (Point of View Guides
•Bio Poems
•Admit Slips / Exit Slips
Wrap Up
Group/Peer Interview
Point of View Guide (POVG)
Questions are presented in an interview format
− This allows students to approach the question or task at
hand from different characters’ points of view and
Students have the option to respond to a situation
Brings up inferential thinking (based on prior knowledge and
evidence), role playing, and writing in the first person
− This can help ideas flow.
− This is helpful for students who are shy or who on
average struggle getting their own ideas on paper
Allows for collaborative and interactive effort between peers
Allows for role playing and writing in the first person
This can also help students compile their thoughts or think
The POGV theme helps when students find it difficult to
summarize stories or themes
Index Card Activity
Microtheme – A brief piece of writing that
results in a great deal of thinking
Vacca & Vacca).
( p. 285,
More isn’t always best
Can be often be referred to as mini-essays
Often students will jot down notes about key
points before writing their microtheme
Writing to learn can be a personal experience
Allows students to actively contribute and
connect, analyze, and summarize their own