Welcome to our Open House

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Transcript Welcome to our Open House

Welcome to our Open House
Expectations and Procedures:
P.B.I.S. ~ Positive Behavior Intervention Supports
BE Respectful
BE Responsible
BE Safe
Classroom Rules &
1. Listen Carefully
2. Follow Directions.
3. Work Quietly. Do not disturb others who are working.
4. Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
5. Respect school and personal property.
6. Work and play safely.
1. Verbal warning.
2. Behavior Slip placed on desk.
3. Behavior slip moved to student’s pocket.
4. Three Behavior slips moved to pocket in one week results in a minor infraction
(student will sit out from intramurals)
**After three minor infractions a student will be referred to the assistant principal.
5. Major behavior problems will be referred to the assistant principal for
immediate action. A major referral form will be completed and parents or
guardians will be contacted immediately.
- Positive recognition of good behavior
- Individual PAWS to be used at
- Weekly reward for clean pockets
- Class PAWS
*Class Parties for holidays and special events will be
organized by the students. Parents will be asked to provide
nutritional snacks.
STARR TESTING: Measures individual student growth throughout the school year.
Administered in the fall, winter, and spring. Please, encourage your child to do his/her
best as I use your child’s scores to help pace and differentiate his/her instruction.
PARC TESTING: State wide test given to all students in April. You will receive more
information regarding this test as the year progresses.
Grading Scale:
100 – 90
89 – 80
79 – 70
69 – 60
59 – 0
Grades will be updated on Power School weekly.
Grading Weighting:
• Tests
• Quizzes =
• Homework/ = 25%
class work
• Homework is assigned daily.
• It is the student’s responsibility to record assignments in
the assignment notebook each day.
• Upcoming tests and projects are posted on the school’s
web-site and updated each week at www.summithill.org .
* * If your child is absent, please arrange for the work missed to be sent home
with another student or picked up in the office. It is easy to fall behind!!
Late & Missing Assignments
Late Assignments
*A notice of the missing assignment will be
sent home for a parent or guardian’s
signature. The signed notice is due along
with the completed assignment the next day.
*Assignments turned in two days late will receive a 10% grade reduction.
*Assignments turned in three or more days late are marked as a 0% per the
district guidelines.
Repeated Late work
*A student who has four late assignment within one quarter
will be required to stay after school for two days of
academic assistance. Parents will be contacted at least
one day prior to the student staying after so arrangements
can be made. At the beginning of each quarter every
student gets a fresh start.
**The fifth late assignment results in three days of
academic assistance. At that point a parent conference will
be arranged so we can work together to create a solution
geared toward helping your child succeed.
Homework Help
• If your child is struggling with a particular problem or assignment
and you are unable to help him/her, please initial or sign that
problem so that I know he/she attempted to complete the
• This will let me know your child needs reteaching or more support
with that skill.
• Prior to tests or when a difficult concept is being introduced I offer
extra help and support in the form of study groups that meet during
intramural time. I will let the children know when we are having a
study group.
• Academic Assistance is available after school. Please, send a
note with your child letting me know he/she will be staying after.
Include in the note how your child will be getting home from
Academic Assistance.
Daily Schedule
8:20 – 8:30
8:30 – 10:49
10:04 – 10:49
10:51- 11:36
11:39 – 12:39
12:41 – 1:21
1:23 – 1:53
1:55 – 2:40
2:45 – 2:50
Language Arts (Reading & English)
Social Studies
Special Classes (P.E./Art/Music)
Reading/Language Arts
Our Reading and Language Arts block meets daily
from 8:30 – 10:02 a.m.
Comprehension, Vocabulary, & Phonics Skills
Fluency/Oral Reading
Reading Improvement Time
Grammar skills
Writing skills
Spelling & Handwriting
Three key areas:
*Life Science
*Earth Science
*Physical Science.
Concepts are developed through
hands-on activities. Your child will
keep a science notebook where
he/she will take notes and write
lab reports.
• Math meets daily from 11:39 -12:39
Decimal place value and computation
Problem solving and application skills
Geometry & Measurement
*Your child will have math homework each day.
Social Studies
*Daily from 12:41 – 1:21 p.m.
*The curriculum covers
American History from
Colonial America to the Civil
*Your child will keep an
interactive journal where
they take notes and respond
with their feelings and
We have RtI daily from 1:55 – 2:40 p.m.
Reading RtI meets three times a week
Math RtI meets twice weekly
*During RtI students will work on a range of activities based
each student’s specific learning needs. These activities
include opportunities for reteaching, reinforcement, and
Specials Schedule
Physical Education:
Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 1:55 – 2:40 p.m.
*Please note this schedule will change for the 2nd semester
Special Classes
1:55 – 2:40 p.m.
1st Semester Art (Tuesday & Friday)
2nd Semester Music (Thursday & Friday)
• Please, feel free to contact me anytime throughout the school year
at: (815) 464-2285 or e-mail me at [email protected].
• Weekly Newsletter: Posted on district website, www.summithill.org.
• Please sign-up for Parent Conferences before you leave.
• My classroom expectations and procedures are posted on my
webpage. Please review this information with your child, sign and
date the final page, and have your child return it to school by
Tuesday, September 2nd.