Transcript Slide 1 FilmFacts
Before viewing (
• When was the film released?
• Who is the “Director”? Who are the
• What nomination did it receive?
• What is the movie about? See full
• What are the taglines?
• Review all memorable quotes.
Discussion Qts.
Literary Aspects
1. Who is filming? Who is narrating?
2. What is the narrative technique used for
this film? How is the story told or put
together? Are there any subplots?
3. What are the various objectives and
purposes each “documentarian” have to
record and make movies?
4. What other “story” (film or literature)
does this remind you of?
Dramatic Analysis
• Describe the “acting” in the film.
• How are the “characters” developed in
the film? (Interview sessions, captured
in darkness, etc.)
• Do you think that the “characters” in
the film are authentic in front of the
camera? Explain.
• Mise-en-scène--Describe sets, costumes,
and makeup. How do they help
establish the characters and story?
Cinematic Analysis
• What cinematic techniques are used to
capture “real” events?
• How is music used in this film?
• How does the film transition from one
scene to another? Be specific.
• Pick a scene and analyze what
characteristics make it memorable.
• What are some of the challenges when
making this documentary?
• According to your notes, what mode is
this documentary? Support your
answer with examples.
• Did you notice any patterns throughout
the film?
• What is your final review?