Twenty Questions

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Twenty Questions
Subject: Expanding
America’s Role in the
1. Define imperialism?
Empire building
2. What were Spain’s only two
colonies left in the Western
Cuba and Puerto Rico
3. Why did the Americans support
Cuba gaining independence from
It was like the American Revolution
Americans owned plantations & mills there
Cubans were treated badly by Spain
4. Which is greater, 4/8 or 6/12?
How do you know?
They are equal. You can use cross
multiplication: 4 x 12 = 48, and 8 x 6 = 48.
You can make equivalent fractions by using
24 as the LCD. 4/8 = 12/24 and 6/12 = 12/24.
You can use COMMON SENSE. I know 4 is
half of 8 so 4/8 = 1/2. I also know 6 is half of
12 so 6/12 also equals 1/2.
5. Why did the US declare war on
The Maine, an American battleship, was
blown up while protecting American
businesses in Cuba.
6. When did the SpanishAmerican War begin and end?
April 1898
July 1898
7. What is an armistice?
An agreement to stop fighting
8. What war helped America become a
world power?
Spanish-American War
9. What territories given to US during the
peace treaty (Spanish-American War), are
still territories of the U.S. today?
Puerto Rico and Guam
10. What is William McKinley best
known for?
President during the Spanish-American War
11. What war did McKinley fight in
Civil War
12. What else is McKinley known
Annexing Hawaiian Islands
Started effort to build Panama Canal
McKinley is on $500 bill
He was assassinated
13. What was Theodore
Roosevelt’s nickname?
14. What is his most famous
Speak softly & carry a big stick….
15. What was the volunteer group
he gathered together called?
Rough Riders
16. What was his goal as President?
Improve the quality of life for the average
17. What were his main focuses as President?
Break up trusts or monopolies (known as
Make U.S. a police power (protected North &
South America)
Conservation (set aside large areas of land
for national parks & public use)
Getting the Panama Canal Built
18.The Panama Canal is located in ________ and
connects which two oceans?
Central America
Atlantic and Pacific
19. Why did the U.S. want to build the
Panama Canal?
It was quicker for ships in the East and West
to help one another.
It made it easier to trade with Asia.
20. What problem did the Panama Canal
It made the distance between East and West