Chapter 2 Section 1 - RedLionWorldHistory

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Chapter 2 Section 1
Civilization in Mesopotamia
• 1. Why was the land between the Tigris
and Euphrates Rivers able to sustain an
early civilization?
• Rich Soil and Abundant Crops
• 2. What were the Sumerians the first to
• Created the first Mesopotamian
• 3. Describe the dimensions of the
Sumerian city of Uruk.
• Had a 6 mile long wall around it with
towers every 30 feet
• 4. In what ways were the people of
Mesopotamia creative with mud bricks?
• They invented the arch and the dome
and built huge buildings
• 5. In what three ways did the temples
serve as the center of a Sumerian city?
• Physically, economically, and politically
• 6. What did the Sumerians believe
about who it was that ruled their cities?
• Te Gods ruled the city, it was a
• 7. Around 3000 BC what was invented
that greatly affected the transport of
goods in Sumeria?
• The wheel, which gave them carts
• 8. Give the definition of empire
• A large political unit, under one leader,
with many people
• 9. Who set up the first empire in world
history, and how did he do it?
• Sargon, by taking over Sumerian citystates
• 10. What principle was a fundamental
part of the Code of Hammurabi?
• Eye for an eye
• 11. According to Sumerian beliefs, why
did the gods create human beings?
• To do manual labor the Gods didn’t
want to do
• 12. What do many people consider to
be the greatest invention of the
• Cuneiform, “wedge-shaped” writing
• 13. Why was writing so important in an
ancient civilization?
• It allowed society to keep records and
pass information from generation to