Mesopotamia`s Civilization

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Transcript Mesopotamia`s Civilization

Mesopotamia’s Civilization
• Civilizations are
complex societies with
cities, governments, art,
religion, class divisions,
and a writing system.
• Rivers were used for
travel, trade, and made
good farming
Mesopotamia’s Civilization
• Governments were
formed because
someone had to
make plans and
decisions for the
common good.
Mesopotamia’s Civilization
• Mesopotamia is a flat plain bounded by the
Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
• Floods in Mesopotamia were frequent and
• Farmers learned to control the rivers with
dams and channels.
• They also used the rivers to irrigate, or water,
their crops.
Mesopotamia’s Civilization
• Many cities formed in a southern region of
Mesopotamia known as Sumer.
• Sumerian cities were city-states, with their
own governments.
• Sumerian cities often fought each other.
• To protect themselves, the city-states built
walls around themselves.
Mesopotamia’s Civilization
• Sumerians believed
in many gods
• Each city-state had a
ziggurat, or grand
temple, to honor the
Mesopotamia’s Civilization
• Most Sumerians were farmers, but some were
artisans, or skilled workers
• Others were merchants and traders
• Sumerian city-states had three classes:
- The upper class consisted of kings, priests,
and government officials.
- The middle class consisted of artisans,
merchants, fishers, and farmers
- The lower class consisted of slaves.
Summary Discussion Question
• What effect did irrigation have on the people
of Mesopotamia?
Summary Discussion Answer
• Irrigation allowed farmers to grow plenty of
food. More food meant more people could be
fed, so the population grew.
• WIO: Draw a concept map of a Sumerian citystate (Location, Gov, Relationship, Protection)
• *Gifted and Pre-AP WIO: Draw a concept map
of a Sumerian city-state (Location, Gov,
Relationship, Protection). Develop your own
city state with at least five topics. Use
descriptions that help your reader visualize
the area.
A Skilled People
• Mesopotamia has been called the cradle of
civilization because of the influence of Sumerian
ideas on other areas.
• Writing helps people keep records and pass on
• Sumerians developed a writing system called
• Only a few people, called scribes, learned to write.
A Skilled People
A Skilled People
• The Sumerians also produced the oldest
known story, the Epic of Gilgamesh.
• The Sumerians also invented new technology
such as the wagon wheel, the sailboat, and
the plow
• The Sumerians developed many mathematical
ideas, including geometry, a number system
based on 60, and a 12-month calendar.