Transcript Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
17 febrero 2014
Where is it?
• Southeastern North America
• In the Caribbean surrounded by the
Atlantic on all sides
• Between the Dominican Republic and
Virgin Islands
• Capital: San Juan
What's it Like?
• Mild temperature all year round with little
temperature change
• Very mountainous
• Beaches
• Forest
• San Juan has one of the best natural ports
What is the Food Like?
• Dulce Coco: traditional coconut candy
with sugar and sometimes added
pineapple and ginger
• Arroz Con Gandules: Rice and green
pigeon peas with smoked ham
Who is Famous From There?
• Carmello Anthony: A NBA star who plays for the
New York Knicks comes from Puerto Rican
• Victor Cruz: A NFL wide receiver for the New York
Giants also comes from Puerto Rican background.
• Roberto Clemente: Base ball player who used to
play for the Pittsburg Pirates.
• Rita Moreno: actress and singer who was on
Broadway at 13.
• Luis Marin: First governor of Puerto Rico
What is There to Do?
• There are many beaches and resorts
• Puerto Rico Open: Golf Series
• Worlds Best 10k: 20th most competitive race in
the world
• Pablo Casalas Festival: has special concerts
• Baseball: Puerto Ricans love baseball and have a
National team
• Cockfighting: Cockfighting is legal in Puerto Rico
What is Interesting about Puerto Rico?
• Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United
• Women do not change their last name after
• Each town honors a different patron saint with
• Puerto Rico means rich port
• Many Puerto Ricans move to New York
• Puerto Ricans have American Citizenship
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