In-Game Lighting

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In-Game Lighting
Ian Ford
A Typical ‘Look’ at Lighting
The basic ideas on lighting in a 3D gaming environment state that lighting is
there to make the environment feel more ‘3D’ to the player…
Though today it’s more than just making it feel ‘3D,’ it is making the
environment feel more real, making the game feel more immersive, making
some areas feel like you either need to “run like hell because what’s behind
that wall” or feel the need to go “Wow, look at the view, I think I’m going to
put the story on pause and just walk around.” Of course there are also mixes
of the two since not everything is perfect and not everything is a scary cave
where you have to kill a one-thousand year old skeletal dragon to continue.
Lighting Explained
Lighting is found to be a major part in any of todays big games, it helps set the
mood the creator wants to invoke. It help create the feeling the game maker
wants you to feel just when entering a certain area of the game. It can even
change how the player interacts with the game in some cases.
Difference in Lighting Across Genre
Since lighting is used to set a sort of mood or emotion, lets look at some
examples in difference in lighting across different genres of games:
Dead Space 2 –
Bioshock 2 –
Star Ocean 4 –
Time of Day
One can be in the same exact area at different times of the day and
experience a whole new set of emotions and reactions to the environment.
While at one point of the day everything looks clear to you since the ‘sun’ is in
the sky, twelve hours later it’s pitch black and may even require you to use a
torch, you won’t know what’s coming your way. You interact differently
because of this as you would in real life, there are different expectations in
your head of what you need, of what you need to watch out for and of what
might happen.
Skyrim – Self
Skyrim – Self
Other Examples of Environmental
The Path:
You have in your hands the ability to control what the user sees, what the
user doesn’t see, and the importance of why they can only see certain things.
If you want to invoke a mood, if you want to tell a story, if you want to bring
the user into the experience you create through immersion… different lighting
is of utmost importance for your project!
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