Anology`s for Wordmaster

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Transcript Anology`s for Wordmaster

By: Christian
What is an analogy?
 An analogy is a word pair relationship like apple and
bananas are both fruits. So that would then look like
this. Apple: banana. Or they could be opposite. So
then it could look like this apple: banana:: cucumber:
eggplant. Isn’t that cool?!
 Loiter means to walk slowly with stops and pauses.
 Analogy:
Loiter: slowly:: sprint: fast
 Glimmer means a faint dim flickering light.
 Analogy:
Glimmer: faint:: Sun: bright
 Filch is a thief that steals something usually is
something small and pretty.
 Analogy: Filch: steal:: present: give
 Cascade means jumping off something high. Or and
steep waterfall.
 Analogy: cascade: fall:: rocket: launch
 Toxic is poison or to be poisoned.
 Analogy:
Toxic: poison:: first Aid: health
 Vagrant is someone who has no job or home and has a
wandering life.
 Analogy: Vagrant: homeless:: rich: home
 Vanquish means to defeat some one in a fight, battle,
or argument.
 Analogy: vanquish: win:: lose: defeated
 Crafty is some one who is clever or smart.
 Analogy:
Crafty: smart:: dumb: obtuse
 Jest is someone who is funny or clown-like
 Analogy: Jest: clown:: businessman: serious.
 Rotund means loud and noisy.
 Analogy: rotund: rock star:: librarian: quiet
The End
 I hope you leaned a few words and analogies from this
but this is the end. End: over:: beginning: start. Get it!