Monday Sept 14

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Monday Sept 14
A planetary system is a star and all of
the planets, moons, and other objects
and materials that orbit that star.
Until very recently, there was only one known planetary system Even though many
People suspected that most stars had planets orbiting them, we had no scientific
evidence to support this suspicion. The one planetary science we knew of was our
own Solar System, named for the star that rules, SOL. Now with the aid of new
instrumentations, astronomers have found a handful of distant planets orbiting
other stars, and they estimate that there are probably billions more planets yet to
be discovered in our galaxy.
1.What is the closest star to Earth?
2.How many other planets are in the Solar System?
3.What other objects are found in the Solar System?
4.How big is Earth? 12,756 km in diameter
40,000 km around
The assemblage of objects, distances and
directions that you use to establish the location
of something is called frame of reference.
A frame of reference can be tiny, like inside a shoebox, or huge,
like the state of Texas.
People use various kinds of tools to help them describe the locations of things.
What is that tool?
A map is a representation of a place or area.
Point of view is a term used to describe the
position from which an observation is made.