Levels of Organization The Universe

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Levels of Organization
The Universe
• Protons, neutrons, and electrons
• Building blocks of matter – listed on periodic
of elements
• More than one element/atom bonded
• Parts that make the cell like: nucleus, cell
membrane, chloroplasts
• Building blocks of life – smallest living thing is
made of one cell – humans are made of
• A group of cells working together
• A group of tissues working together
• A group of organs working together
• A unique living thing
• More than one organism living together in one
• Different populations living in one place
• A community of living things interacting with
non-living things in one place
• All the parts of the Earth that support life –
atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and
living things
• A celestial body large enough to have its own
gravitational pull ( and that has been shaped
into a sphere by that gravity)
• A collection of planets orbiting the same
• A collection of solar systems, stars, gas, and
• Everything: all galaxies, space, matter and