A Solar System is Born 4/29/11

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Transcript A Solar System is Born 4/29/11

A Solar System is Born
19-1a pgs. 510-514
• IN: What do you think
the planets are made of?
• Solar System – composed of the sun
(a star) and the planets and other
bodies that travel around the sun.
• Nebulas – a large cloud of dust and gas
in interstellar space.
–the location of star formation
• Solar Nebula – the name of the nebula
that formed our solar system.
• Planetesimals – the tiny building blocks
of the planets that formed as dust
particles stuck together and grew in size.
Planetesimals to Planets
• Hubble image of protoplanetary discs in the Orion
Nebula, a light-years-wide "stellar nursery"
probably very similar to the primordial nebula from
which our Sun formed.
• OUT: What role does gravity play
in our solar system?