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Transcript P1_Physics_Summary_Topic_3

Keywords: cosmic microwave background radiation, red shift, space probes, rovers
P1 Topic 3: Waves and the Universe
This topic looks at:
• The formation of our universe
• The search for Aliens
• Lifecycle of stars
Describe the lifecycle of a star like our sun and a star bigger than our sun
using pictures
Define key terms
Solar System
What type of waves can we use to explore space? Which type of waves are
absorbed by the atmosphere?
Compare and contrast theories about the beginning of our universe including
steady state theory and big bang theory
What are the different ways we can explore space? (Include
information about SETI)
Big Bang Theory
Steady State
How do we know space is expanding?
Keywords: red giant, supernova, white dwarf, black dwarf, fusion reactions, main sequence, neutron star