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Transcript Geography

11/2 to 11/6
11/2 – Do Now
• Describe some of the external forces shaping earth’s
11/2 – Building Soil
• Weathering and erosion are part of the process of building
• Soil: loose mixture of weathered rock, organic matter, air
and water
• Impacts what can grow there
• The amount of organic matter in the soil is known as
11/2 – 5 Factors of Soil Building
• Parental material: chemical composition of original rock
• Relief: steep slopes erode easily and do not produce soil
• Organisms: plants, small animals, bacteria
• Climate: hot and cold climates as well as wet and dry
climates produce different soil types
• Time: amount of time to produce soil varies, but roughly
2.5 cubic centimeters per century (100 years)
11/2 – Soil
• Create a web of the factors that impact the types of soils
we find on earth.
• Why do we see so many different types of soil?
11/3 Do Now
• How do plate tectonics impact the landforms we see on
earth’s surface?
• ****REVIEW DAY****
• ****Chapter 2 Test Tomorrow – Tuesday, November 4****
11/5 – Do Now
• What process causes mountains to form? Explain.
11/6 – Do Now
• Describe the film in 4-5 sentences. What do you see