The Modern World

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The Modern World
Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
• In 1968 many nations signed the Nuclear
NonProliferation Treaty (NPT) agreeing to halt
the spread of nuclear weapons
• Many countries signed the treaty but many
did NOT sign it including India, Pakistan, Israel,
and North Korea
• Today the International Atomic Energy Agency
safeguards against the threat of nuclear
Global Trade
• Many nations have formed regional groups to
promote trade or increase prosperity
• GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)signed in 1947- tried to establish fair trade
policies for all nations
• World Bank- makes loans to developing nations
• These organizations and many others like them
are called transnational and nongovernmental
organizations- their focus is to work on problems
that are common to many nations
Science and Technology
• World Wide Web- the world’s largest computer
network which revolutionized communication
and made the world more connected than ever
• Genetic Engineering has now become possible
but some fear that it may create deadly strains of
• 7 out of 10 biologists warn that the planet is
currently experiencing a surprising extinction of
plants and animals
Other things to know
• The civil war and genocide in Rwanda were
sparked by ethnic conflicts between two tribesthe Hutus and the Tutsis
• Between 2006-2008 the major factor contributing
to world hunger was not a shortage of food, but a
45% increase in food prices
• China has faced a population explosion and in
order to help slow that down, they implemented
a “one-child” policy