The Hero`s Journey

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The Hero’s Journey
Featuring Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi
By Zack White
The Ordinary World
• Luke Skywalker’s home land is Tatooine;
this is where the story begins.
Call to Adventure
• Luke Skywalker is told to leave his comfort
zone and fly out to the Death Star to confront
Refusal of the Call
• Luke doesn’t think he can confront Vader
alone; he feels he is not ready yet.
• He also feels he cannot kill his own father.
Supernatural Aid
• Light Saber, the force, Lea, R2D2, C3PO,
and Han Solo were all Supernatural Aids
for Luke.
Crossing the Threshold
• Luke crossed the threshold when he
asked the command ship to deactivate the
shield so he could fly down to Endor.
In the Belly of the Whale
• Luke was in the belly of the whale when
he went down to the moon of Endor to turn
off the shield generator.
The Road of Trials
• Luke was tested on the moon of Endor
when he was being chased by storm
• Luke is almost set to flame by the Ewoks
but uses the force to get out of it.
The Meeting with the Goddess
• Luke met with Yoda, Yoda confirmed that
Luke’s father was Vader and also told him
Lea was too.
The Woman as the Temptress
• Lea is the woman as the temptress Luke’s
sister is telling Luke to leave because
Vader can feel his presence.
Atonement with the Father
• Luke surrenders so he can meet with
• Luke tries to convert Vader to the good
side, but he doesn’t accept it.
• Luke reaches the point of ecstasy when he
overcomes his hatred for the dark side and
is not converted that easily.
• He does not slay Vader because Luke
didn’t need to and still saw the good in
The Ultimate Boon
• Luke’s ultimate boon is received when he
completes his destiny by defeating the
emperor and is not being converted to the
dark side.
Refusal of the Return
• He refused to leave Vader in the Death
Star to die while they blow it up; Luke does
not want to leave him.
Magic in Flight
• Luke’s magic in flight was when he
escaped the Death Star as it blows up just
in time.
Rescue from Without
• Not Available
Crossing the Return Threshold
• When Luke exited the death star fleeing
from the explosion he crossed the return
Master of Two Worlds
• Luke now understands the force and the
power of the dark side.
Freedom to Live
• Luke received the freedom to live because
he defeated the dark side.