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Securing New Customers
- for Web Designers
Finding New Customers
Things have become tougher recently for Web
Designers, with new customers more difficult to
find. However, they’re still out there.
You just have to find them, and persuade them
that your design services are the best for them
to use!
One of the best ways of finding new customers
is through business clubs such as your local
Chamber of Commerce, Small Business or
Rotary Clubs.
Customers will be much more likely to come to
you if they know you, and will recommend you to
their colleagues and friends. Be sure to take
your business cards to all social events!
Publicise Yourself
Newspapers, business publications and business
websites are always on the lookout for interesting
reports or articles. Writing about your specialised
areas of interest or even your job is a great way to
get your name in print and become well known.
If they know your name customers will seek you
Look at the work you have done so far. Select 4
or 5 of your best pieces of work, and analyse
them. What do they have in common? What
types of business are they for?
Approach similar businesses, put yourself across
as a specialist in their business area and
demonstrate what you are capable of.
Upon securing a contract with a customer ask
them if they know of any other business which
could benefit from your services, their suppliers
perhaps, or customers.
Offer a small discount or fee for each referral the
customer provides, which results in a sale for
More Recommendations
Another source of referrals are Internet Service
Providers (ISP). Most ISP’s give web space to
their customers but don’t give assistance with
building the site.
Again, offer commission for every referral
resulting in a sale.
Bid for Work
More sites are springing up now which hold lists
of web projects waiting to be developed that are
open to tender.
If you are starting out, or in the process of
establishing yourself then bid as low as you can
to secure the contract. Once you become better
known you’ll be able to charge more.
Business Directory
A popular tactic used by Web Design firms is to
create a local community business directory.
This will enable you to contact businesses with
the primary reason being to tell them about your
great new free directory in which you would like
to feature their business.
Contact Local Businesses
Your call will not be seen as a sales pitch but as
helpful local service. Subsequently you can take
the opportunity to tell them about your web
design service.
The directory will also give you a ready made
mailing list of local businesses!
Use Mailshots
Direct mail can be a useful, effective marketing
tool if it stands out from the crowd. Your mail
should be colourful and eye-catching, it must
shout ‘read me – I’m interesting!’
A good plan is to use postcards, in colour,
displaying a sample of your work on the front.
Special Offers
Use special offers, discounts and perks to make
your service more attractive and exciting. Put time
limits on your offers, as this will create a sense of
Offer services like free website analysis where
you can point out shortcomings and put
forward your company to fix them.
Call and Call Again
Keep following up your potential customers, don’t
let them forget you’re there! Have a list of
businesses you’ve contacted and a schedule of when
to call them again.
Don’t be put off because your calls are not
returned, you’re doing the selling, and
unfortunately this means you do the running
around! Persevere, it’s worth it when you secure the
In Conclusion
It doesn’t matter how fantastic your web designs
are if no-one knows about them - so get out
there and market your company! Use:
 Networking
 Write Articles
 Niche Markets
 Customer
 ISP Recommendations
 Tender for work
 Local Business Directory
 Direct Mail
 Special Offers
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