Captology and Persuasive Technology

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Transcript Captology and Persuasive Technology

Designing with Persuasion
• Is good design always persuasive?
• Push persuasion
Take my product (advice)
Buy my product
Messages & Warnings
• Pull persuasion
• Look at the product
• Understand the product
• Navigation & Search
Computers as Persuasive Tech
IA & Persuasion
• Not all persuasion is bad
- Reminders to take your medicine
- Easy access to calendars
- Shopping comparison
• Technology is pervasive, it’s positive influences can
be too
- YourSelf Fitness
- Training & simulation
• Bad influences
- Netflix
- Banner ads that look like system information
- Systems that don’t truly help
• Mobile devices will use this increasingly
Impact of good designs?
• Looking good is being good
• People make snap judgments based on
• Good design makes a Web site appear more
Professional (expertise)
• Believable - (truth?)
The balance of the impacts?
• Good impacts
Real-world feel - responsive to requests
Ease of Use - archives, speed, interface
Trustworthiness - links to & from, content policy
Tailoring - confirmation, selected items
• Bad impacts
- Commercial implications - too much advertising
- Amateurism - broken links, interface, updates,
Design ideas
Show physical address and contacts
Photos of people from the organization
Feature credibility (brands, associations)
Good information architecture
Links to alternate or associated sites
Customized elements for different users
Use advertisements wisely
Error free functionality and content
• Stanford Web Credibility Research
Persuasive design for our project
• What can be done to convey credibility?
• How can access to information be made
• Is the archive of content accessible?
• What policies are in place?
• Would seeing actual people lend credibility or
increase context?
• How can the Web site drive people to contact
someone to increase credibility?