How to Create Your Web Site

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Transcript How to Create Your Web Site

The District’s New Website:
Part II
How to Create Your Web Page
Denise Harlem, Technology Coordinator
Go back to:
Sign In the user name and
password you created
Select Park Avenue School from the drop-down menu.
Select Staff Websites from the list of channels.
You will see this page when you have successfully
Locate and click on your name.
Click on Site Manager.
You have successfully established your web page.
Now you can start to develop your page.
These checked boxes indicate that the Articles
and Calendar pages of your web page are active.
If you don’t want to use them, click on the checks
to remove them and make them inactive.
Click on New Page to add pages to your web page.
You can also add a New Page by using clicking on Pages.
You are the Section Editor. However, you could add
another person (if they are registered). This would be
useful for committees, clubs, etc.
Click on Overview to add text, images, hyperlinks,
attachments, etc.
You can rename Overview to another name by clicking
on the Rename option.
You can delete this text and add your text,
pictures, links, attachments, etc. here.
Use the tools located here to help
you design your page.
You can preview your page by clicking on
the Website tab.
Email Denise if you would like to sit
together and work on your page.