Orangutan Pee Collector

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Orangutan Pee
Candace Cortez
Edward Vasquez
Who are they?
 Biological anthropologist study what makes us
human. Biological anthropologists are
particularly interested in investigating how
people have adapted, both physiologically and
psychologically, to the environments in which
they live or in which their ancestors evolved.
Reason of Their Study
 Orangutan interbirth intervals and female hormonal functioning
Hormonal, behavioral and energetic differences between males:
maturism Juvenile development, dependency and learning Sex
differences in feeding behavior, nutritional intake cultural
behaviors habitat use and energetics social organization.
Study Takes Place:
 Gunung Palung National
Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, between
April and September.
Degree Plan
Anthropology 1415: Primate Evolutionary Ecology: Research Seminar
Anthropology 1380: The Behavioral Biology of Women
Anthropology 2440: Geographical Variation in Primate Ecology
Anthropology 2350ar: Laboratory Methods in Primate and Human Nutrition I
Anthropology 2350br: Laboratory Methods in Primate and Human Nutrition II
Anthropology 2390ar: Advanced Laboratory Methods in Primate Endocrinology I
Anthropology 2390br: Advanced Laboratory Methods in Primate Endocrinology II
Anthropology 320: Advanced Physical Anthropology: Laboratory and Theses
Anthropology 340: Reading and Research
Jobs Open to
Professional biological anthropologists, science
journalists, museum curators, forensic
scientists, rescue archaeologists, business and
the Civil Service.