Transcript Document

HC70A Winter 2006
Genetic Engineering in
Agriculture, and Law
Professor Bob Goldberg
Class Announcements
Take-Home Exam
& Oral Mid-Term Exam
•Questions Out - 2/14
•Questions Due - 2/28
•Mid-Term Oral - 2/28
Discussion 2/15/06
•When Science Takes the
Witness Stand -- DNA Testing
& Criminal Cases
•Play -- In Law School
Moot Court Room
•Come Prepared For Your Role
•& Science Background
•Will Be Filmed and Webcasted
Reading For Court Room Discussion & Play
•When Science Takes the Witness Stand - Peter
Neufeld (Innocence Project) - MAIN ARTICLE
•The DNA Detectives (Newsweek)
•Science on Trial in The Courtroom - Chapter 11 -
Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis
•Population & Evolutionary Genetics - Chapter 29 -
Introduction to Genetics
•American Society of Law, Medicine, & Ethics
DNA Forensics and Civil Liberties Workshop Summary
•Perspective on DNA Testing & Forensics - Rothstein
•Daubert Standard
•Listen to the Experts -- Daubert, Frye, and California
Review of Last Lecture
•What is the Structure of DNA?
•What is the Anatomy of a Gene?
•How Are Genes Organized on
•How Can Regulatory Information Be Used
To Create New Body Architecture?
•Engineering New Animal Body Forms-It’s
All in the Regulatory Switches!!
•How Far Should We Go?
•How Are Genes Replicated?
•Genetic Engineering & The PCR Revolution!
•Mutations, Pedigrees, & Genetic Diversity
•The Universal Genetic Code
•DNA vs. RNA
•Gene Activity in Bacteria & Eukaryotes
•One Gene-Many Proteins-Relevance to
•Yo-It’s All in the Sequences!