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Jennifer Lopez
By: Abby Miller
Biographical Sketch,
Part One
- Jennifer was born on July 24,
- Her birth name is Jennifer Lynn
- She was raised in the Bronx,
New York.
- She is the middle of 3
Biographical Sketch,
Part Two
- Jennifer began singing and dancing at age 5.
- She went to Preston High School and Baruch
- Her fans nicknamed her J-Lo.
- Her first “job” was a film when
she was in high school.
Spanish sentences:
Jennifer Lopez es talentosa.
Ella tiene 43 anos.
Important Achievements
- She preformed in musicals and a chorus.
- She was a backup dancer for the New Kids on the Block in
1991 and on the tv program In Living Color.
- Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actress, dancer, and tv
- One of her movies and albums hit #1 in the same week.
She won many awards, to name a few:
~ 2000; female entertainer of the year
~ 2002; female star of the year
And, she has her own star on the Walk of Fame.
A Jennifer Lopez le gusta bailar.
Jennifer Lopez canta.
Extra Info.
- Jennifer Lopez was a judge on
American Idol.
- Her #1 song is “On the Floor.”
- She is the highest paid Latina
- She has two twin children and has
had 3 husbands.
Jennifer es famosa..
Why I Chose J-Lo
I chose Jennifer Lopez to research for a few
reasons. First, I like her music and her songs are
really catchy. The second reason is that she is
very popular for singing, dancing, and also some
acting. Lastly, Jennifer has had many
achievements including awards, nominations, and
her own star on the Walk of Fame which is really
cool. All in all, considering Jennifer’s many
accomplishments, she was a good choice for a
person to research.
Me gusta Jennifer Lopez.
Escucho música de Jennifer Lopez.