Earth Science Regents Review

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Transcript Earth Science Regents Review

Earth Science Regents Review
Unit 1
 _________________
 __________________
 Parallel
 Lines
 Run east to west
 Measures distances north
or south
 Reference line is the
 A.k.a. parallels
 0-90o
that meet at the
 Run north to south
 Measures distances east
or west
 Reference line is the
prime meridian
 A.k.a. meridians
 0-180o
3) What is the North Star? How is it used
in navigation?
The altitude of Polaris is
equal to the latitude.
What is the international date
It is the 180 degree line of longitude that separates
the eastern and western hemispheres.
What is
the latitude for these locations?
Aim: How do we break down degrees into minutes?
Aim: How do we break down degrees into minutes?
1) How fast does the earth spin?
The earth does one
360 degree spin every
24 hours so:
360 degrees/ 24 hours=
15 degrees/hour
3) What is Greenwich Mean Time?
This is the
time on
the prime
where all
of the
world sets
its time
Why is California three hours behind us?
4) If you are west of the Prime
Meridian your time is ____________,
but if you are east then your time is
______________ because________
5) How do we find longitude using
difference in time?
Step 1: Find the
difference in time in
 Step 2: Multiply by 15
 Step 3: Local time is
Local time is later=East
Contour map (same as topographic map)
Contour line
Contour interval
The elevation increases inside of the line.
Subtract two contour index lines and divide by
the number of hops.
into a circle
Touch the
edge of the
Figure out the
value of the
next line then
subtract 1.
Look at the
adjacent line
then add 1.
Contour lines bend upstream. The river flows
opposite the point of the bend.
The closer the contour lines, the steeper the
Higher elevations
The point of the “V” points up
They show
a hole or
One point
can’t have
Change in field value/Distance
If the land changed from a height of 50 m to a
height of 150 m over a distance of 25 km what
is the gradient?
150 m – 50 m/25 km
100 m / 25 km
4.0 m/km