Population differences and similarities in oral microbiota

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Transcript Population differences and similarities in oral microbiota

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Dr. Nezar Al-hebshi
Associate Professor, College of Dentistry
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 Numerical (Arabic numerals), e.g.:
 had keratotic white lesions, the majority of which was mild1
 had keratotic white lesions, the majority of which was mild (1, 2)
 had keratotic white lesions, the majority of which was mild  1-3 
 Author – date, e.g.:
 and other chest problems (Lemessa, 2001)
 reported chronic khat use (Nasr & Khatri, 2000)
 association with oral leucoplakia (Macigo et al., 1995)
 but not in the spleen and testis (Al-Habori et al., 2002; Al-Mamary
et al., 2002).
 resistant strains tested (Al-hebshi et al., 2005b).
Reference list
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Vancouver style - examples
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Vancouver style - examples
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