Hormones Made Simple (Part 3)

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Transcript Hormones Made Simple (Part 3)

Hormones Made Simple
(Part 3)
By Dr. Eric Berg DC
Recap on Hormones
Growth Hormone
• Increases growth and height in childhood.
• Increases protein making (protein enhancement). Enhances
amino acids in cells. It increases DNA transcription thus
increasing RNA thus promoting protein creation IF
sufficient amino acids, vitamins, minerals are available. GH
decreases the breakdown of protein “Spares Proteins”.
Protects against the loss of muscle mass.
• Different from other hormones in that it doesn’t do its
work through a gland, yet to all cells directly.
• Indirectly effects cartilage.
• Main fat mobilization hormone (fat burner); uses up fat
stores. Promotes ketosis.
What Triggers GH
Hypoglycemia (most potent trigger)
Exercise (high intensity)
Deep sleep
Protein intake (arginine): Fish, chicken, beef,
lamb, milk, cheese, beans, nutritional yeast,
mung bean sprouts.
Growth Hormone Deficiency
Can’t tolerate cold
Thin collagen
Crows feet
Thinned skin
Decreased sweating
Difficulty finding veins
Atrophy of muscle and heart muscle
Loss of vitality
Hormone is a
What Counters GH?
Lack of Sleep
Liver Damage (fatty liver)
• An extension of Growth Hormone.
• Has the same functions as GH.
• Works with Insulin to Provide Fuel. Insulin
works when you eat and IGF-1 works when
you are not eating.
Insulin was never design to work
that hard…
• We only have 20,000 insulin receptors in your
liver. But we have 10X that for IGF-1.
How do you know if you have a
problem with IGF-1?
Fasting Insulin Comes Back Normal
• If IGF-1 is low, like it normally is, insulin
resistance sets in.
Skin tags, moles & Cysts
• Insulin is the cause!
Excess insulin also causes
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Belly fat
Urination at night
Sleep apnea
High Stress Increases Clots
• The flight of fight response increases cortisol
and adrenaline thus increasing FIBROGEN in
the body. This increases the tendency for the
body to make blood clots.
Hormonal Interactions
• Cortisol inhibits Growth Hormone
• Cortisol inhibits Thyroid Hormone Conversion
• Cortisol triggers Insulin
– Large amounts of insulin is required to counter
cortisol’s release of glucose.
• Cortisol inhibits Testosterone
• Cortisol triggers Adrenaline
Stress triggers…..
Hormonal Interactions
Insulin inhibits Growth Hormone
Insulin inhibits Thyroid Hormones
Insulin inhibits IGF-1
Insulin increase Androgen
Insulin resistance causes low insulin, which
triggers more cortisol to be released.
• Sugar triggers…….
Hormonal Interactions
• Estrogen inhibits Thyroid Hormone
• Estrogen inhibits Testosterone
• Estrogen inhibits Growth Hormone
Estrogen Dominance
Fibrocystic breast
Enlarge breasts
Uterine fibroids
Breast cancer
Fluid retention
Controlling Insulin
• Potassium decreases the need for insulin
• Vitamin B1 decreases the need for insulin
Insulin helps absorb nutrients
Controlling Estrogen
• Iodine decreases the estrogen.
Cholesterol Facts
• Cholesterol is made by all the cells in the
• The body makes 3000mg per day.
• It’s needed for: cell walls, bile production,
vitamin D, brain and nerve function, hormone
production, vaginal lubrication. It’s a repair
• Consumption of cholesterol does not increase
cholesterol because of the feedback
• …is a glycoprotein that binds to the two sex
hormones: androgen and estrogen.
• If it is too high, it can alter the estrogentestosterone balance and keep both hormone
Stinging Nettle
• Suppresses SHBG
• Blocks conversion of testosterone to DHT
• Block the conversion of testosterone to
• Increases free testosterone and DHT but not in
the hair or prostate.
• Great for inflammation, prostate enlargement,
hair loss, hayfever and allergies.
Gut Microbes & Hormones
• Your Gut Bacteria is considered an endocrine
• You have 5 pounds of bacteria
• Converts cortisol to androgen.
• You’re body is 90% non-human.
• Controls appetite, hormones, metabolism,
What Disrupts Your Bacteria?
• Birth Control Pills
• Anti-biotics
• Stress
Friendly Flora Reduce Cortisol
Effective Microbes
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