Chapter 6 Section 4 PowerPoint - Mr. Dudley

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Transcript Chapter 6 Section 4 PowerPoint - Mr. Dudley

Primary Pollutants
• Air Pollution – the contamination of the
atmosphere by the introduction of pollutants
from human and natural sources.
• Primary Pollutant - Pollutants that are put
directly into the air by human or natural activity
are primary pollutants.
1. dust, volcanic ash, smoke, pollen, vehicle
exhaust, carbon monoxide
Secondary Pollutants
• Secondary Pollutants - Pollutants that form
when primary pollutants react with other
primary pollutants or with naturally occurring
substances, such as water vapor, are secondary
• Examples:
ground-level ozone, smog, acid rain
• Smog forms when ozone and vehicle exhaust
react with sunlight.
Human vs. Natural Air Pollution
• Natural Sources
1. dust
2. pollen
3. volcanic ash
1. smog
2. acid rain
3. groundlevel ozone
Sources of Human-Caused Air Pollution
• Industrial Air Pollution - Many
industrial plants and electric power plants
burn fossil fuels, such as coal, to produce
energy. Burning fossil fuels releases air
• Indoor Air Pollution – can be reduced by
ventilation – the mixing of indoor air with
outdoor air.
Acid Precipitation
• Acid Precipitation – rain, sleet, or snow that contains
a high concentration of acids.
• Acid Precipitation and Plants Acid precipitation
increases the acidity of soil, which causes some nutrients
necessary for plant growth to dissolve.
• The Effects of Acid Precipitation of Forests In some
areas of the world, acid precipitation has damaged large
areas of forest.
• Acid Precipitation and Aquatic Ecosystems Acid
rain can cause a rapid increase in water’s acidity, which
leads to acid shock.
Ozone Hole
• Thinning Ozone CFCs destroy ozone,
creating a hole in the ozone layer.
• Cooperation to Reduce the Ozone
Hole Many countries have agreed to take
swift action to control CFC use. It will still
take many years, though, for the ozone
layer to recover.
Air Pollution and Human
• Air Pollution Is
Harmful Daily
exposure to small
amounts of air
pollution can cause
serious health
Cleaning Up Air Pollution
• Controlling Air Pollution from Industry The Clean
Air Act requires many industries to use pollution-control
devices such as scrubbers.
• The Allowance Trading System The Allowance
Trading System was established by the EPA to give
companies set allowances for the amount of pollution
they may release.
• Reducing Air Pollution from Vehicles The EPA
requires car makers to meet a certain standard for
vehicle exhaust.