Human Impacts on Air Resources

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Transcript Human Impacts on Air Resources

Human Impacts on Air
Global Warming
• This is an increase in Earth’s average
• Greenhouse effect is a natural
phenomena, but global warming is not
• Burning of fossil fuels is partly to cause for
increase in CO2
Rising Temps
• Studies indicate Earth’s mean surface
temp has increased 0.5 degrees C in the
last century
– Could go up 1-3.5 in next century
– This could change wind and precip patterns
– Others say we do not have records long
enough to know
Glacier Near Greenland
Arctic Ice
Ozone Depletion
• Ozone is a layer within the atmosphere
that absorbs and filters out UV rays
• Scientists figured out in the early 1970’s
the CFC’c were harmful to ozone
• In the mid-1980’s it was discovered that
there was a hole over Antarctica
– Happened because of human activity
Acid Precipitation
• This is precip with a pH less then 5.0
• Forms when sulfur dioxide combines with
moisture in the atmosphere sulfuric and
nitric acid
• Happens mostly in Midwest from coal
burning plants
Reduction in Air Pollution
Global Leaders in Air Pollution
Pollution Solutions
• Ethanol
• Recycling