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What is the Renaissance?
A. Mean a “rebirth” in the arts, literature,
and sciences.
B. Begins in the Northern part of Italy
C. Causes
Ancient Roman ruins remind Italians of how great Italy
once was.
Contacts with the Byzantine Empire opens up trade
Trade with Africa and Asia opens up new ideas in
science and medicine
Italian scholars look to ancient Greek and Roman
Beginning of the humanists – studied classic literature
and questioned how things work!
II. Writers/Artists
A. Machiavelli and Petrach begin a
movement in classical education –
studying Greek and Roman books
B. Artists start to create lifelike human
figures and scenes
C. Painters introduce perspective – make
distant objects more smaller than those in
the front
D. 2 famous Renaissance Painters
1. Leonardo da Vinci – The Mona Lisa
& The Last Supper
2. Michelangelo – The Sistine Chapel
III. Renaissance Spread
A. Why? Students in Northern Italy bring their ideas over
the Alps to Northern Europe.
B. Invention of the Printing Press – Gutenburg
C. Northern Renaissance Writers
1. Erasmus – Used the critical method to study
ancient literature and the bible
2. Erasmus – Argued for a return to spirituality
3. Thomas More – Criticized governments as corrupt
and believed private ownership of property caused
III. Continued. . .
5. William Shakespeare – Introduced human reality and
emotions to his plays
1. Ideas from Italy spread to N. Europe
2. New Art Ideas – oil on canvas, human
expression, lively landscape scenes