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Proteins Revision
L.O: To recall info on proteins
To identify and correct any misconceptions
Q) Polypeptides such as spectrin are formed
from amino acids. Describe the structure of an
amino acid molecule and explain how amino
acids link together.
6 marks
Mark Scheme
1. Amino acid based on carbon with four
groups attached;
2. Amino/ NH2 and carboxyl/ COOH;
3. R-group/ side chain + hydrogen;
4. R-group differs from one amino acid to
5. Amino acids joined by condensation;
6. Bond formed between NH2 and COOH;
7. Involves removal of molecule of water;
8. H from NH2 and OH from COOH;
What Do I Need to Know?
Structure of an amino acid
Formation of a polypeptide
Functions of proteins
Levels of protein structure
Application of knowledge
to ‘unknown scenarios’
Increasing in
Protein Structure
Activity Options:
 Pasta poster
 Past exam questions
 ‘If I Am the Answer…’ worksheet / glossary
 Revision mindmap