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pharmacy store
•location---good location and signs
•size----board of pharmacy controls size of
•ADA---ramps, speaker height, doors
•storage----long term storage area, locks
•clean room----aseptic technique area
•hazardous disposal-----plans for pickup, return
expired drugs
•security----alarm system with codes
pharmacy store
• reference material/books---state laws, drug formulary,
compounding reference, orange book(ther equ),
• USP vol1 (dr use)
• USP vol2(pt use) USP vol 3(orange book)
• MSDS, Remington manual(bible)
• proper equipment----sink, printer,scale, funnels,
mortar-pestle, PPE, syringes, laminar flow hood, ect
• proper license/registration----NPI, permit, business lic,
state ph lic, CSA lic, ect where public can see it.
• must have consultation rooms
Policies of pharmacy
• Mission statement--goals
• Organization structure---chain of command
• Policy---course of action
• Procedure-----step by step
• These are required by agencies.
• Pharmacies may keep track of
• Customer service
• Effiency—customer waiting time, rx error
productivity—rx per hour/absense/tardy
Policies of pharmacy
Face to face most effective
Bulletins least effective
Requires certificates—
Form 222-get sch 2med
Form 224---order controlled substances
Form 41---destroy controlled substances
retail CPhT
Enter RX
Pt info in computer
Assist RPh
Talk with ins carriers for reimbursement
Verify correct rx
Order inventory
Phone calls
Talk with prescriber for refills
Compound oral; solution creams ointments
Prepackage bulk medications
Aware of new pharm developments
Assist other employees
Institutional CPhT
• Transport equip to nursing units
• Pick up drug orders, unused meds, auto med admin
records to the pharmacy
• Fill med cassette
• Prepare meds for dispensing (package,
• Order supplies, receive meds
• Assist employees
• Ins billing
• Deliver unit dose to machines
• Phone calls
Requirements in the store
• Drug storage---sch 2 drugs must be locked. Sch 3 4 5
may be scattered throughout. Refrigerator for some
equip—must have class A balance, pharm weights,
grad cylinder, mortar/pestle, spatula, stir rods, laminar
airflow hoods for IV and chemo agents
• Counter space, alarm system, sink, lockable
refrigerator, safe for sch2 meds.
• Employees have current licenses
• Rx, inventory, invoices, 222&41 form must be
available for gov in 72 hours
• Pharmacy must have a professional pharm library
• pharmacist is allowed to do immunizations