Lessons from a Regulation Road Warrior

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Transcript Lessons from a Regulation Road Warrior

Pamela S. Erickson, M.A.
Public Action Management
Former Executive Director,
Oregon Liquor Control
Symposium 21, Des
Moines, IA, October 3, 2013
Liquor Stores v. Big Box Grocers—Same rules for all?
More outlets to make more money, sell more alcohol—
No consequences?
Three tier issues—buying vertical integration,
wholesale regulation enforcement
Late night entertainment districts—more money, more
work for law enforcement
Anti-trust—sleeping beauty awakens
Indiana: Sunday sales, cold
beer and “same rules for all.”
Kentucky: Maxwell Pic-Pac
case. Equal protection for
drug stores and grocery
stores! Is there a 21st
Pennsylvania: Beer
wars…beer specialty stores v.
taverns v. grocers
Washington State: Market
advantages shift to big box
Alcohol specialty stores are
safest venues for selling
Connecticut governor wants to
expand alcohol sales
New licenses created to sell
alcohol in non-traditional spaces
Dry jurisdictions go wet
Sunday sales expands
Alcohol is a “legal product” so
should be treated like any other
legal product
Small changes have no
consequences but create jobs
and bring in more tax dollars
Illinois: Prohibits manufacturer
from owning any part of a
Other states adopt franchise
protection laws
Arizona: Extensive three-tier
violations uncovered
Washington: I-1183 and other
efforts weakened, but did not
destroy, three-tier system.
Wholesale price restrictions
rated as highly effective.
Revitalize inner cities
Create jobs, more money,
more tax revenue by
selling more alcohol
Law enforcement impact
Problems with public
disorder, DUI, underage
The “pre-drinking issue”
Is it cost/effective?
US DOJ files lawsuit over
DOJ requires notification when
ABI intends to buy wholesaler
Mexican Federal Competition
Commission limits exclusive
arrangements of beer duopoly
(Grupo Modelo/ABI and
FEMSA/Heineken have 98%
market share)
Craft beer implications
www.healthyalcoholmarket.com for legal expert reports from
Kentucky Maxwell Pic-Pac lawsuit; for affidavit on vertical integration
filed in ABI Illinois case.
www.alcohollawreview.org for Indiana briefs , USDOJ lawsuit
against ABI and many other recent cases.
For rating of 47 alcohol policies including wholesale price policies, see:
“Efficacy and the Strength of Evidence of U.S. Alcohol Control Policies,”
2013 American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Nelson et al / Am J Prev
Med 2013 3;45(1):19 – 28, www.ajpmonline.org
Nightlife issues: “Dealing with alcohol-related harm and the nighttime economy,” Executive Summary, Monograph Series No. 43,
Australian National Drug Strategy; Responsible Hospitality Institute
for best practices and case studies www.rhiweb.org.