Go Ask Alice

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Transcript Go Ask Alice

The story Go Ask Alice is a diary of a teenager girl. She is just a
regular girl in high school. In the beginning, Alice finds out that her family
is moving, she does not like it because she feels isolated now. But over the
summer, she returns home to her grandparents house. During that summer
she gets invited to a party, where she unwillingly ingests LSD in her drink.
After this incident, Alice gets into more drugs like marijuana and
amphetamines. After a while, she has a pregnancy scare, and moves
back to the new town to get a fresh start; which does not work out
because Alice falls into the drug crowd in her new town also. Once falling
into this group, she starts dating a drug dealer who ends up using her; and
she turns him into the police. Alice runs away with her new friend Chris,
and when she comes back, her family welcomes her. But Alice is having a
difficult time keeping away from the drugs, so she decides to run away
again, and ends up living on the streets. But thankfully, her fear for her
family eventually helps her return home. When she finally returns home,
Alice promises to stay completely off of drugs. In the end, she gets into a
new relationship, and is in her fathers university; and with her life back on
track she decides to stop keeping a diary.
Beatrice Sparks is a family and
adolescent therapist who edited the diary
that formed the basis for Go Ask Alice, and
has since edited many diaries on topics
such as gangs, AIDS, and teen pregnancy
in the 1988 Annie's Baby. She lives in Provo,
• main character
• teenage girl
• tries to just fit in
• goes through
drug addiction
• An external conflict is a conflict with a
person and an outside force. The external
conflict in the story is the drug dealers
pushing Alice to do all the things that they
made her do.
• An internal conflict is a conflict mentally
with yourself. The internal conflict would be
Alice fighting against drug addiction
throughout the story.
• Representing
something by
a symbol.
• An example
of symbolism
in the story is
the maggots
and worms.
• To show or to
indicate before
• There are no
examples of
in this story.
I would recommend this book because I
think it is a very interesting book and also I
think the book teaches many lessons. After
reading this you have a better understanding
of what drugs and other things can do to
you. It is a very good book for anyone my
age to read.